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Valentin Uvarkin - Champion of Russia 2012 to buernomu sport in the class DN

Saturday, April 7, 2012 13:58 GMT +3

Photo by: Eugene Ryazhev

April 6 on the lake ended with Russian Open Championship on buernomu sport in the class DN. Won racer from Moscow, Moscow Navy Commander, who plays for the yacht club "Museum" - Valentin Uvarkin (R 204).

Second place went to Yevgeny Chernov (Moscow, CSK VMF). It should be noted that the participants in the 2000 Olympic Games Finn - Yevgeny Chernov promptly burst into the elite Russian bueristov, finishing third in the Championship of Russia 2011 (Volgograd). And this year, the title of Champion of Russia it is separated only 1 point (V. Uvarkin 22 points, 23 points E. Chernov). Apparently, after 3 and 2 seats in the Championships, Eugene is serious to fight for the title in 2013.

Pictured: Yevgeny Chernov, a yacht club PIRogovo

Third place went to Sergey pulque (Moscow, Moscow Sailing School "Khlebnikov"), a recognized authority in the professional community bueristov. It was built on iceboat successful at many Russian and foreign rider. And the phrase "went to sharpen skates Pulkovu" - has long been a classic that does not require explanation.

Pictured: Yevgeny Chernov (2nd place), Sergey pulque (3rd place), Valentine Uvarkin (1st place)

Definitely, the Russian Championship 2012 held at a high organizational level and it's not a figure of speech template.Russian Association Class DN, FPS Irkutsk region and RYF this year joined forces and co-hosted an event of such high quality that all bueristy, including veterans of the sport in one voice say - such a major event we have not had since the days of the USSR. Regional and federal media expressed a strong interest in the regatta and regularly broadcast reports from the scene.

Of course, the role played by one of the most recognizable brands in Russia - Lake Baikal. This area of ​​water has always been a desirable place for major competitions buernomu sport.

As for the sports component, there is no one has any complaints or questions. Russian Championship 2012 - this is the reference event to identify the country's best riders.

First, the huge Lake Baikal (races held at the Small Sea). Road - it is tens of kilometers, the wind complex, but it is. For example, at the Russian Championships in 2011 in Volgograd, managed to hold all three races (this is the minimum amount for the recognition of the championship took place.) On Baikal this year could easily spend 10 or more races, but due to the accident on the first day of racing (a serious injury in a collision of two ice yacht) - the race was stopped. As a result, on the lake had eight races (was started nine races, but neither driver did not comply with the monitoring time and canceled the race.)

Second, the most representative Russian Championship and the number of participants and the number of regions from 1992. On the ice of Lake Baikal riders came from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg.

Third, different weather conditions from racing in very light winds, where riders were unable to meet the reference lap time (11 minutes) up to 10-12 meters.

Victory in a very difficult struggle won riders from Moscow.

Valentin Uvarkin: "I seriously started buernym sport 5 years ago, but this is my first prize at the Russian Championships.Preparation was conducted serious, bought a new ice boat and material part, special attention is paid to training and racing tactics. In the trailer, I drove to Lake Baikal with the internal installation - to do anything to take the prize, and then as lucky.And I was lucky, and how! I won the Russian Open Championship on Lake Baikal, and is a special place for any buerista, and I am happy that my name is written on the challenge cup championship of Russia. "

Also worth noting is that most of the commanders of the fleets finished in the top ten, confirming its high professional level:

1st Uvarkin Valentine - Commander Fleet Moscow

5th Bohn Joerg (Germany) - The commander of the European fleet

6th Astashev Andrew - Commander of the Russian Navy

10th Alexei Ovchinnikov - Commander Fleet Novosibirsk

Important mission to provide the Board of Trustees WFTU in this Championship Russia was delegated to Alexander Yezhkov (R2), he drove all the races and won a decent 18th place.

"For me, this is the first all-Russian competition level and the first in the life of Russian Championship buernomu sport. I can say that I am satisfied 100%. Even if it had only one race, I'm not sorry that I came to Lake Baikal. Here, the vast lake begin to really appreciate the freedom and the feeling that gives ice boat. I took part in hundreds of international regattas and in my PIRogovo spend 30-40 competitions a year, I have something to compare. I can say that the Federation Irkutsk region proved to be a team of like-minded, able to organize competitions at all levels. And the main credit goes to Vyacheslav Chertkov - President FPS Irkutsk region. I'm glad that people like to come Vyacheslav's Regional FPS. "

Alexander Yezhkov on behalf of the Board of Trustees RYF announced that as a prize RYF commanders of the three winners of the Czech Republic for the World Cup 2013 to be held in the U.S. city of Detroit (home iceboat DN - Detroit News) in January 2013. WFTU would bear the cost of participation of Russian drivers, including sending ice yacht in the USA. In this case, Alexander pushed one condition - all medalists should make an account on Facebook and regularly talk about the preparation, and then to participate in the World Championships.

The final day of the Championship was marked by a festive event - the birthday of his brother Andrew (R 21) and George (R 22) Astasheva. Family Astasheva, demonstrates the continuity of generations, many years systematically, and even fanatically promotes DN iceboat racing in Russia. Sew sails, organize competitions, form the panel of judges. This year, Yuri K. Astashev (Uncle Andrew and George) was the Chief Justice of the Russian Championship and, despite his advanced age - 76 years, with the hurricane energy CEO FPS Irkutsk region - Nicholas Lobusova masterfully handled the organization of work of the Jury.

In the photo: Nikolai Lobusov promptly removes the race damaged Buer

Commenting on the work of the Executive Director of the Irkutsk region FPS JK Astashev said word for word: "Nick - the future of the Russian judiciary, he is doing well and the margin of safety. Flags scored in the ice to a depth of 1 meter (although as little as 30 cm), at a speed of a cheetah pacing the ice, resetting the distance, fearlessly threw a fleet going to the sign at a speed of 50-60 km / h, helping Rolling Buer, promptly hauled outside distance iceboat damaged. And when he could have lost a megaphone to shout blizzard, informing drivers to postpone the launch. Intercession to the organizing committee on bonuses Nicholas Lobusova for their dedicated work in the Championship. "

Since we're talking about the continuity of generations, should pay special attention to Russian Championship 2012 Ice Optimist class. At the start of 12 riders left, the youngest of which is 11 years old. The youth watched as prepare their iceboat experienced riders class DN, could learn a lot of technical information, communicate and ask questions leaders. All this contributes to organic growth buernogo movement in our country, about which said at the close of the General Secretary IDNYRA - Chris Williams (K1, England), the whole week watching the races on Lake Baikal.

Young drivers from Vladivostok, Russia dominated the championship in the class "Optimist Ice." According to the results podium looks like this:

1st place - Gilfanov Constantine (Vladivostok)

2nd place - Kolotsey Anton (Vladivostok)

3rd place - Grishin Cyril (Irkutsk)

Pictured: Bagritsky Angela (11 years)

Thus, the medal for 1st place prize of WFTU - Optimist dinghy (LLC Politerm) is sent to Vladivostok (Primorye FBS). Passed girls won Bagritsky Angela (Berdsk, Novosibirsk region).

Cup of Russia and the Russian Championship 2012 ended, but the race continues on Lake Baikal: 7-8 April the annual regatta "Asian Cup."

The results of the Russian Championship in 2012 in the class DN

The results of 2012 Russian Championship in the class AR

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